Edgy & Flirty Valentines Day Outfits

Valentines Day is a special day when couples find a reason to set the phones down, silence the emails, and genuinely enjoy each others company. Around this time there is always the buzz going around, saying you should love and cherish your partner on a daily basis - which is absolutely true, but the kid in me still wants to break out the valentines from Target and hand the "cutie pie" one over to my crush. 

It is always a question on what to wear for your special date night, and with the playful color scheme of the holiday, I feel obligated to trade in the Morticia Addams look for a more sweet, playful ensemble.  With theses three looks, I kept the black on black on even more black, but added some flirty touches to break up the edginess. Wether you're having a romantic dinner at a five star restaurant, or cozying up on the couch with a home made meal - you'll find something suited for any occasion. 

Cozy Nights In

The ultimate goal on any day is to be as comfortable as possible while still being trendy. This plaid jumpsuit is stretchy so its perfect for lounging on the couch with a bucket of popcorn. I threw on an oversized hoodie to give it a more relaxed vibe (plus its actually been chilly here in LA!)


Movie Outing

Going out but to a casual dinner or movie? Opt for a cute top with a pair of curve-hugging jeans and some booties.  I love this top because it still has that dark color scheme, but ads a flirtatious vibe with the ruffled white layer. 


Romantic Dinners

I LOVE getting dressed up, especially living in a city where streetwear reigns supreme (no pun intended, well maybe a little.) This is one of my favorite dresses - it is edgy, black, yet still has a feminine touch. To add a little color into the mix, I threw on my favorite cheetah print kitten heels. 

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