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My first introduction to Honey Belle was at a delicious blogger brunch at the Arte Café. From there, sparked sweet friendships and beautiful skin! I am a fan of any woman who can run her own business and create products for women alike, so its no surprise that I dove into the line and fell in love.  Each product is made with natural ingredients (no ingredients you can't pronounce, yay!)  Read on to take a look at some of my favorite products.

1. Matcha Madness Face & Body Scrub

My absolute ALL TIME FAVORITE. I'm not even exaggerating here.  I'm a sucker for matcha, and to have it in a scrub just excites me.  Matcha Madness is rough enough to scrub away that pesky, dry skin, but gentle enough to leave your skin feeling baby smooth and replenished.

2. Matcha Kiss Lip Balm

Again, I love matcha, so this lip balm is a necessity.  It is made with Organic Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter, and Organic Beeswax, so you know its good for your lips. 

3. Tea Tree Rose Foaming Facial Soap

What I love about this product is that it doesn't strip your skin and leaves it feeling fresh & clean.  A lot of foaming cleansers I've tried always made my skin feel dry and lack luster, but this baby is like heaven in a bottle. 

*Note - it's not the best at removing makeup, so I'd highly suggest their gentle make up remover

4. Eye Crème

I will be the first to admit, I am the worst at remembering to use eye crème.  Its never too early to start protecting such a delicate area, so I committed once this gem arrived in the mail.  I love it because it is light- weight and leaves your eyes feeling refreshed.

5. Matcha Mint Masque

Oh you thought I was done with the matcha obsession? Think again! This delicious treat for your skin will have it feeling brand new.  I love using this after a night of drinking (especially when I forget to wipe my makeup off, don't judge) and right before my lady time. It helps detox and clear up any blemishes.

There you have it - a new obsession for your skin! All photos were snagged from their website at ( I suck at taking cute product shots, the struggle.) Make sure you are following my snapchat - ikerstyn; I talk about the products, so you can see me using them in real life! Now go get beautiful skin!

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