Positive & Negative Aspects of LA Dating Tendencies

The last two years of my single life consisted of working at Sephora and attending school at FIDM; not really prime real estate for meeting eligible bachelors, so you can imagine my (slight) excitement about experiencing the dating scene in Los Angeles.  

In the 8 short months of my residency, I've noticed a few commonalities with the daters in this area.  

The Tinder Daters

(-) Tinder has a major reputation for being used for hookups; LA reassures that factor.  Many people are traveling in and out of LA, so you never know who you're going to get. They even have a feature where you can PAY to swipe in a different city (wtf, I know). On the other hand, a number of people just use it for networking.  People would swipe right for everyone and have things in their bio such as "follow me on Instagram", but wouldn't actually message you through Tinder. 

(+) The flip side to this Tinderella love story is that there are people actually trying to date on it.  When I first moved here, I didn't really know anyone, so a girl friend of mine convinced me to jump on it and meet some guys. I met a few suitors that wanted to go on actual dates, which was cool, but only ended up meeting up with one. That ended up phasing out and I returned to the traditional "meeting in real life" type of dating.  Even though things didn't work out with that guy, it still got me out of the house and I was able to get to know Los Angeles a bit better.

The "Lets Get Drinks" Date

(-) Not that I'm completely against just meeting up for drinks, its just that EVERYONE here does it.  They invite you to some trendy, hipster bar to show off how cultured they are and then order some whiskey drink to represent their manlyhood. As you're getting deeper into their family history and whether or not they like dogs (hey, its important to me), the music proceeds to get louder and the crowd gets denser. You basically have to be a certified lip reader to endure the rest of the evening. 

(+) Drink dates can be good when you're judging whether you're into the person or not.  If the date is going shitty, you can stay for just one drink, but if its going really well, you can throw back a few more & enjoy the night.  With dinners, movies, events, etc. you typically have to stick it out until its over, and most of the time its well over an hour long.

The Fear of Missing Out

(-) There are SO many options in LA, especially in the female category. Many guys I've run into always have some excuse of why they don't want to be in a relationship at the moment, but at the end of the day, its because they have 5 other girls on their hotline bling.  Some people don't want to settle with one, because they're afraid that someone better and hotter is going to come along and swoop them off their feet. 

(+) There is no positive to this, unless I was the one dating multiple dudes and never settling, but alas, I have morals.

The Career Focused

(-) Both a blessing and a curse, the career man is one to watch out for. Living in LA there is a lot of creative and entertainers walking the streets; which means that they have crazy schedules and spontaneous plan changes.  Most of the time, they're too busy to even think about a relationship, so be ready to be on the back burner for a while. 

(+) Eventually this man will come around once he has his career settled.  Then you'll be able to basically rule the world together.

Feel free to comment a dating commonality in your city that bugs you or any here that you've experienced!

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