How I Transitioned Into Healtheir Living

At the start of the new year everyone typically makes it their goal to eat healthier and work out. I believe its a great motivator to get going build up positive habits.  On the downside, many people fall out of those healthy life changes right about now as life gets hectic and time becomes limited. I have struggled with maintaining that as well, but I finally nailed some techniques to keep it consistent.

Drink More Water

Water truly is the best thing you can put into your body for many reasons.  As you have heard time and time again, a lot of your snack urges just mean you're probably dehydrated.  I was horrible at drinking water consistently throughout the day, so I decided to get a water bottle I can easily refill.  There is typically a spout for water anywhere with shops or dining so you can easily refill your bottle - that way you don't have to keep purchasing a new one.  The more water you drink, the better your skin,  hair, and nails will be as well!  It is just one of things that can't do you any harm!

Cut Out Fast Food

This would seem like a logical thing to do, but for women and men on the go, it can be a challenge. One of the first steps I took when I began my healthy journey was cutting out the processed fast food restaurants in order to steer myself away from all of the calories and fried cravings.  I started taking my lunches to work - that way I was able to save money while picking out my own healthy choices.  A good way to steer away from getting that quick fix is to take some healthy snacks to hold you over until you can find healthy alternatives.

Exercise- Ease Into It

Everyone always believes that they have to torture themselves when they get into working out to achieve faster results - wrong.  Thinking about working yourself too hard steers you away from wanting to go to the gym in the first place. I am guilty of going through phases of working out hardcore and cutting out the gym all together. Every time I get back into working out, I always ease into it and do a lighter set in order to get my body used to it.  After a few light gym visits, I get back into my harder routine. By doing that, you get yourself back into that routine that your body will start craving. Working out can even consist of going for a walk or doing a short session at the gym. Whatever it is - just get active!

Get In Your Protein

Protein is so vital to your diet for many reasons. The first and most obvious reason is that it helps you build up muscle; which in turn replaces the unwanted fat you're trying to lose.  The second is that it also helps with your hair and nails. What gal doesn't want luscious hair and sturdy nails?! Some of my food favorites for protein are some cheesy eggs with spinach or Greek yogurt with fresh fruit.  If those foods aren't your cup of tea, a smoothie is a great alternative.  I bought the Costco size protein powder and bled it in with some frozen fruit, Greek yogurt, juice, and the occasional spinach leaves.  Its perfect to enjoy right after a workout to cool yourself down and keep your energy going.

Get Your Rest

Everyone always tells you to get your rest - and its the truth! I make sure that I get a good amount of sleep so that I am alert and ready whenever I need to be.  Getting rest keeps me active throughout the day and enables me to attend the gym full force.  It is important to your health and your overall well being to find time for yourself. Lack of sleep can start showing externally and drag you down.

Get on the road to healthy and make positive changes. Keep your New Year's Resolution going!



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