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Art is something completely different to each individual; it can be bold, subtle, crazy, or plain. The way I express myself is through different mediums of black and collaborations with different minds. On this journey, Jennymay Villarte and I ventured around downtown San Francisco, trying to find a spark of inspiration and the perfect backdrop.  The evening crawled with business men and women, the homeless, bicyclists, and many other interesting individuals.

The first stop was in front of a large H&M window display that lit up the sidewalk like a runway. She was able to play with the shadows and compliment my outfit perfectly. As we continued to walk, we stumbled upon an area completely lit in an array of colors.  The ambiance was inspiring and gave us a new play on shadows. The result was truly a piece of art thanks to the talented mind of Jennymay.

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  Pants: H&M Crop Top, Blazer, Clutch: Forever 21


Pants: H&M

Crop Top, Blazer, Clutch: Forever 21

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