Harper Trends: Gifts For Your BFF

The holidays are in full effect as the Christmas decorations and carols are haunting us from every direction.  You would think since the department stores start pushing Christmas right after Halloween, we would get a jump start on our holiday shopping - wrong.  Most of us (including myself every damn year), wait until Black Friday or even into a few weeks before Christmas to cram it all in.  I partnered with the boutique, Harper Trends, to pick out some cute holiday goodies you can get for your bff! Keep scrolling to find out what they are.

1. Quay Australia Modern Love Sunnies - $45

These cute sunnies are perfect for any gal because who doesn't love black? The shape and size is flattering for any face shape and can add a chic touch to your winter ensemble. 

2. Sweet Dreams Handmade Dream Catcher - $149

Now, this is one of the pricier items on this list, but I couldn't resist! I've had dream catchers since I was young and cannot live without them (call me superstitious).  You'll be doin' your best pal a favor by making sure her dreams are always filled with joy!

3. Good hYOUman "Hustle" Tank - $45

What better way to encourage your bestie than a cute and comfy tank! This is especially vital to those who are struggling through college and balancing a million other things.  When you don't have the time to get dolled up, throw on this tank with a pair of jeans & cute sneakers and you're good to go.   

4. Santa Christmas Cards - $18

He cute and stylish you are! Grab these adorable cards to show your closest friends that you're thinking about them this season.  I suggest putting some confetti or glitter in them to add a fun little surprise when they open it. (My mom used to do this to our Christmas cards, everyone always expected it!)

5. Nepal Turquoise Cuff - $34

I'm a sucker for Turquoise jewelry so I just had to add this piece to my list. It's a big enough statement piece that you can throw it on with a simple outfit and instantly transform it.

6. "Prob Not Kale" Magnetic Grocery List - $10

Okay... I admit, I kinda want this for myself, but can you blame me?! The fact that it says "aka chocolate, wine, and probably not kale" really speaks to me. Now that I live out on my own with my bff, grocery lists are important so we don't get distracted in the candy isle (well maybe we still do, but we deserve it!)

7. Beatrice Backpack - $327

If you REALLY love you bff, or just want to treat yourself, snag up this killer backpack.  This bucket style pack will fit all the necessary (and unnecessary) items you need this season.  Show up to those holiday parties prepared and stylish.

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Happy Holidays!


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