Do you ever look up?

Throughout my career in the fashion industry, I have worked with many photographers that have influenced me in the greatest of ways.  One photographer in particular asked me a very peculiar question - Do you look up; and at first I thought to myself - well, of course I do, but as I began to observe my surroundings, I realized what I had been missing out on.

Here are just a few things that photographers have taught me over the years:

1. Look Up

Wandering, the streets you typically lock your eyes on the path ahead of you or other things at your eye level, but how often do you look to the sky? Once I was asked that question, I started noticing more about my surroundings; such as the beautiful architecture and how beautiful the clouds could be.  It was so peaceful to take your eyes away from the chaos on the ground and enjoy the peacefulness going on in the sky. 

2. Never Stop Creating

This one resonates with me the most, because nothing fuels my soul like being creative.  As a creative, you often times doubt yourself, or lose your way at some point in your journey.  This statement helped me to realize that no matter what - keep creating and everything will fall into place the way it should.

3.  Never Stop Exploring

Along with 'Never Stop Creating', they've always taught me to keep exploring.  People get so caught up in their daily lives that they forget to experience the other wonders of the world. This doesn't even have to be a trip halfway across the world or even across the country; it could be to a new place in your city that you haven't been to yet. For me, I live in a big city, so adventuring out into the forest or a random beach is such a great way to ease my mind and refocus.

4.  Tones

Along with the emotional aspect of photography, there is the technical portion.  As I was a college student in San Francisco, I was able to meet an abundance of techies and pick their brains on Lightroom and Photoshop.  I never realized how much the tones of a photograph could change the entire mood and feeling of it.  This really enables me to plan out a complete theme when doing a look book because I pin point exactly what I want my audience to feel with each outfit.

5. Composition

Composition is everything in a photograph.  Anyone can take photo of a person and label themselves as a photographer - but the truly talented ones can create the most beautifully composed images that entice you to want more.  Composition tells a story and you want your viewers to really feel emotion when they see each of your photos.

6. Intimate VS. Trashy

This is a big topic that I have done everything in my power to stay away from. I am all for empowering women (and men) to show off their bodies and be confident - just do it in a way that is tasteful.  Respectful photographers will take the human body and create shapes with it and really showcase the human anatomy in its most vulnerable form.  It is SO easy to just take a photo of a woman's ass and get likes on Instagram, but how much thought has gone into it?

Leave a comment on what your favorite lesson was or maybe other lessons you tend to live by! xx


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