You Only Get Caught in Heels

I used to drool over Brock Sanders photos on instagram (@mrbrock21); his portraits were beautiful and his landscapes were breathtaking. When I finally got the chance to shoot with him, you know I jumped all over that opportunity. I met him at an amazing coffee joint in Downtown San Francisco; where he was waiting patiently in his red flannel and glorious beard.

We left and made our way to location; The Dogpatch.  I had only shot outside of the abandoned warehouses, so I was delighted to hear that he knew the secret spots to get in.  We climbed up some rickety, old stairs into this room filled with rust, wood, and concrete structures. We went full circle; shooting across the entire top floor.  Before long, a man appears at the doorway and scolds us for being up there. Luckily we were just finishing up and he was somewhat understanding, so we wrapped it up and made our way down to City Hall.

You would think I would have gone into City Hall at least once, being around SF for so long, but I unfortunately never made my way in that direction. He showed me around and we snapped a few more photos. I was very pleased with the outcome; so you can imagine how hard it was to pick which photos I wanted to use!

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