Dirt Bag Workshop

Starting off 2015, I made the spontaneous decision to quit my job. I wanted to focus more on fashion and building my blog to perfection. With more free time, I was able to shoot a lot more and work with talented individuals. Mark (@photosbydirtbag) was the first to approach me because he wanted to get into shooting more fashion photography. On our first shoot, we got along perfectly and planned even more shoots for the future.

He is a go getter and is always cooking up new ideas; so with his idea of a photographers workshop, I instantly threw myself in there.  There was many different local photographers coming at me from all angles, but I loved it.  Who knew so many creative people were just around the corner from me! It was so hard to pick out my favorites, but take a look and then stalk their Instagrams!

Katie Walsh || @kdtheqt

Jose Barcena || @hella_dapper

Jyehro Poquiz || @jpqz

Ryan Powell || @ryanpowell.jpg

Phet Phonvongsa || @ill_lue_minati

Andrew Zhou || @zhoucow

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